Terms and Conditions



Audition and ticket fees: Audition fees and tickets booked through the UKYMT website are non-refundable. 


Merchandise: All products ordered through our website are subject to availability.  


Production fees: Payment for involvement with productions is due in phased instalments. Failure to pay on time may mean you forfeit your place.   


Fees Refund Policy 

In the unlikely event that UKYMT be forced to cancel a production for any reason, we will advise you at the earliest opportunity and refund all fees paid.  


Should the production need to be cancelled part-way through, UKYMT will not be in a position to refund fees covering costs already incurred.  


UKYMT cannot take responsibility for any other costs incurred such as travel and/or accommodation. 
If you cancel your place on a production payment will not be refundable.  



UKYMT cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal possessions, reimburse pre-booked travel/accommodation or refund course fees should you have to withdraw e.g. in the event of illness. 



Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses “cookies” which are text files placed on your computer to help the website analyse how you use the website.   




If you participate in a production with UKYMT you agree to the following terms and conditions.  


These terms and conditions relate to any participant and their parent / guardian / carer accepting a part of any UKYMT production.  




"Participant" means the person who will take part in the Project. 

"Parent"/"Carer" means the person(s) who have signed the Acceptance Form on behalf of the Participant if they are under 18 years of age and agree to pay the Production fee. 

"Production"/”The Production” means the residential theatre production run by UKYMT that will take place on the dates detailed on your offer letter or on the website at time of booking. 

"Production Fee" means the fee payable for participation in the Production. 


Contract: The offer of a place on a production and its acceptance by the Participant/Parents/Carer 


Conduct and Attendance: UKYMT expects Participants to be courteous to all staff and volunteers and to respect the needs of others. Participants will attend each day of the Production be punctual and take a full part in each day's activities.  


Discipline: Participants hereby agree that they will accept the authority and guidance of artistic and pastoral staff and understand that failure to do so can result in them being sent home. 


Insurance: UKYMT undertakes to maintain only those types of insurance required by law. The Participant/Parents are responsible for obtaining personal insurance cover for the duration of the Production.  


Payment of Production Fee: The Participant or Parents undertake to pay the total Production Fee as detailed on your offer letter or on our website.  


Acceptance Forms: Acceptance forms must be received by the deadline published. UKYMT reserves the right to decline acceptance Forms received after the deadline has passed. 


Medical or other factors regarding participants: During the acceptance process, participants/parents/carers must disclose in confidence all relevant information about any medical condition, health problem, or allergy which affects the participant. Failure to do this may result, as a last resort, in the participant losing his/her place or being sent home. 


Variation: UKYMT will endeavour to deliver the programme of productions as advertised but reserves the right to change any of the facilities, itineraries or productions.  

If a major change becomes necessary or is deemed by UKYMT to be advisable, Participants and/or Parents/carers will be informed as soon as is reasonably practicable. 


Participant Cancellation: If a Participant withdraws from a Production, UKYMT will follow the following cancellation policy: 

Audition/Deposit Cancellation: UKYMT do not offer any refund for auditions fees.  

Production Cancellation Charges: If a Participant cancels their accepted place UKYMT will withhold all payments made.  


To be effective notice of cancellation must be provided in writing and be received by (EMAIL) 


UKYYMT recommends that you take out insurance to cover the cost if you have to withdraw for any reason. 


UKYMT Cancellation: UKYMT reserves the right to cancel a Production in any circumstances. UKYMT would not do this without good cause and in the event of cancellation all monies paid by or on behalf of Participants would be refunded in full.  


UKYMT also reserves the right to terminate this agreement with individual Participants for unpaid Fees. 


Filming & photography: All UKYMT Productions are photographed and filmed for archival and marketing purposes. Images may appear on film, in print and online in perpetuity.  


I confirm that I give permission for myself/my son/daughter* to be filmed or photographed for these purposes and for these images to be stored and duplicated without further permission being sought.  


If you do not agree to this, or would like to discuss this in more detail please call the UKYMT Office on 07940 205330 


Personal Data: Basic personal data (name, location, contact details, shows performed) supplied to UKYMT during all productions will be securely stored electronically and/or on paper held under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by UKYMT in perpetuity and will be used for statistical analysis and for future correspondence. 


Social Media Use: Parents/Carers are encouraged to comment or post appropriately about UKYMT productions. In the event of any offensive or inappropriate comments being made, UKYMT will ask the parent/carer to remove the post and invite them to discuss the issues in person.