Chicago Teen Edition Artwork

An amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

Matthew Stevens is the current UK Tour Director for Chicago and he will be finishing the tour and then arriving at the midlands based venue to Direct and Choreograph UKYMT's CHICAGO 2022 (25th July - 6th August) at Uppingham Private School, Rutland.

This will be a full scale production in a full facility theatre, following 2 weeks of intense rehearsals with the team. Costumes designed and made for you, a full orchestra on stage and a professional technical team.

We are looking for the very best dancers and singers from all over the UK to join us on this years production at stunning facilities, complete with on site catering, a swimming pool and beautiful grounds.


UKYMT takes pride that its Pastoral staff have many years of experience and will be with the young people at all times as well as trained medical staff on site at all times.